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This last Thursday we kicked off a new year of community involvement activities by hosting a kid’s craft booth at the West Sacramento Farmer’s Market. It was a special event held at The Barn, and boy was it the popular place to be that night! There was a DJ, corn hole, food trucks, beer, wine, and of course so much yummy fresh food! Seriously, there were watermelons so big I could barely lift them.

Aracely14316727_10207074826085172_7626446592109012593_n Hurtado, Jenn Bauer, and I spent the evening encouraging children to participate in an open ended creative project while we chatted up their parents, answering questions about our amazing school and selling them on the co-op experience. We had lengthy conversations with close to 20 families and passed out informational flyers to many more.

Some of the best moments came when current and alumni families stopped by to say hello. Several times someone would stop by the table and ask if we were the same James Marshall that was in the old high school building. When we answered that yes, in fact we were that same preschool, their eyes would light up and they would say that they, or their children, went to school there and they couldn’t believe it was still around. It never ceases to amaze me how large and loyal our JMPPNS family is.

14199484_10207074825485157_1857951953840737781_nToward the end of our time there we were honored with a visit from one of my favorite local celebrities- The Mayor! The one and only Christopher Cabaldon came by our booth to show his support for James Marshall and even took time to take a photo with us (insert fangirl squeee sound here).

It was a fantastic night, a successful event, and we are so thankful that we had the chance to be there. Taking opportunities like this one to get our name out in the community and help people understand the benefits of parent participation and play based early education is vital to our school’s continued success. We have stiff competition in the preschool/daycare field, but let’s be honest, no one else is quite like us.

Keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming events where you too can come out and represent our school!
~Mrs. Hinton

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